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导读:2017_2018学年高中英语unit5themeparkswarmingup&readinglanguage,高一英语同步练习:实用文档 用心整理必修 4 Unit 5 Theme parks第 1 课时 Warming-up & Vocabulary基础练习本单元重点词汇、短语(写出汉意)theme_________ central _________, swing,__________ preserve_________


高一英语同步练习:实用文档 用心整理必修 4 Unit 5 Theme parks第 1 课时 Warming-up & Vocabulary基础练习本单元重点词汇、短语(写出汉意)theme_________ central _________, swing,__________ preserve_________ length__________,advanced _________, various _________, attraction _________, attract __________, unique __________,重点短语:no wonder___________,be famous for ___________,be modelled after__________, in advance __________,close to___________,come to life__________实战演练一、根据句意及首字母或汉语提示补全单词或替换句中划线单词.1 千里之行 始于足下

1. The students are discussing the t_________ of the novel.实用文档 用心整理2. There are v_________ wild flowers in the valley.3. She didn’t like the work because it lacked v_______; she was doing the same things all the time.4. I think these interesting old customs should be p_________.5. There is very little p________ in selling newspapers at present.6. Last week, we visited a fantasy __________(娱乐) park.7. That is a law to protect religious ___________ (少数民族) .8. This room is twice the ________(长度) of the other,but much narrower.9. The Red Hill in Urumqi has a very ________(中心的) location.10. He _________(摇动) his arm, as he walked.11. Each person’s voice is different. _________. (替换划线单词)12. A number of tennis players went to France for the competition. (替换划线单词)__________13. Though South Korea also celebrates the Spring Festival, its form is different from ours. _______ . (替换划线单词)二. 用下列短语的正确形式填空:be famous for look like in advance come to lifeget close to a variety2千里之行 始于足下

实用文档 用心整理of learn about take an active part in name aftercharge for along with providein the futurebe based on1. We had to pay the rent two weeks _________.2. Everyone arrived late at the party, for _____________reasons.3. I enjoy ________ new things from politics to sports and music.4. Einstein ____________ his Theory of Relativity.5. She _________ just ________ her sister.6. You are very cool with your brother, but with your friends you really _________.7. When we _________ the top, we were too frightened to jump.8. This shop doesn’t ________ delivery.9. This novel is _______ historical facts.10. There was a bill ________ the parcel.11. This college is __________ George Washington.12. I will go_________ you.13. We students should ___________ school activities.14. In the theme parks, you can use advanced computer techniques to experience life _________.三, 用所给单词的正确形式填空:1. The crocodile is a strange-looking _________. (create)3千里之行 始于足下

实用文档 用心整理2. John ________(probable) told his father all about the matter; he usually tells him everything.3. I can _________(imaginary) the scene quite clearly. 4. The ________(center) park is opened for all. 5. The playground is 100 meters in ________. (long) 6. We were greatly _______(amuse) to hear about him sitting on the wet paint.7. The products we sell are _______.(vary) 8. The shirt is available in a ________(vary) of colors. 四. 短文填空:____1____(introduce) at the Great America theme park __2__(介词)the spring of 1992, Batman the Ride is a __3___(fantasy) roller coaster. After ____4___(walk) through a tunnel ___5___(fill) with life-like scenes from the Batman comic books, passengers will experience the thrill of their lives. The roller coaster travels __6__(介词)speeds as __7__(高) as 50 miles per hour. It climbs to the___8___(高) of 109 feet. All the while, passengers are held in the roller coaster only by their upper bodies—their legs hang free below them!__9__ (除此之外)Batman the Ride, there are still many __10__(其他的) rides in the world. And they have changed a lot over time. 反馈检测单项填空4 千里之行 始于足下

实用文档 用心整理1. At minus 130oC, a living cell can be ________ for a thousand years.A. sparedB. protectedC. preservedD. developed2. Daddy didn’t mind what we were doing, as long as we were together, ______fun.A. hadB. haveC. to haveD. having3. Welcome to our shop! We sell hats in ______ shapes, colors and sizes.A. similarB. variousC. dullD. ugly4. He came close ______ his aim.A. to achieveB. down achievingC. to achievingD. from achieving5. Their daughter _________ a key university this year, which made them very satisfied.A. admitted toB. was admitted5 千里之行 始于足下

C. was admitted into实用文档 用心整理D. admitted6. She told an _________joke to us, wearing on her face an ________look after dinner.A. amused; amusingB. amusing; amusedC. amusing; amusingD. amused; amused7. The lion looked at her as she ________ the pork in her hand so as to attract the lion’s attention.A. wavedB. swungC. shookD. threw8. What do you think________ people to big cities?A. attractsB. attacksC. drivesD. draws9. This knowledge is _______ on what we studied before.A. setB. keptC. madeD. based10. Do you feel like _______ a walk after supper?A. to take B. take C. taken D. taking第 1 课时:warming-up & vocabulary基础练习: 本单元重点词汇、短语6 千里之行 始于足下

本单元重点词汇、短语(写出汉意)实用文档 用心整理theme (n.)主题advanced (adj.) 高级的central(adj.)中心的various (adj.) 各种各样的swing (v)摇晃,秋千(n.)attraction (n.) 喜爱,有趣之物Preserve(v.) 维护,保护attract (v.) 吸引Length(n.) 长度unique (adj.) 独特的, 唯一的重点短语:no wonder 难怪be famous for 因...而出名be modelled after 模仿, 效仿in advance 提前close to 靠近, 接近come to life 苏醒,恢复生机实战演练:一. 根据句意及首字母,汉语提示补全单词或替换句中划线单词.1. theme 2. various 3. variety 4. preserved 5. profit 6. amusement 7. minorities8. length 9. central 10. swung 11. unique 12. tournament 13. varies 二. 用下列短语的正确形式填空:1. in advance 2. a variety of 3. learning about 4. is famous for 5. looks like6. come to7 千里之行 始于足下

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